The level Ghost is a part of abandoned tunnel, where ghosts inhabit. It is shades of people, who died here. The guide Khan reveals the history of this place and ghosts’ stories. I had to create the location in mystic atmosphere.

I placed the gate in the beginning of level. It looks like the warning sigh of danger.  

The gate is made of old tires, which beaded on rods. The whole of construction is attached to the tunnel’s walls by tension wires so that looks well detailed.

To make the tunnel location more interesting I have added some objects (obstructions, barricades, remains of metal constructions).

     The one sector lighted by green light with fog and smoke. I put the bionic formations (it looks like huge roots) on upper part of the tunnel. It impales the tunnel’s space and cuts into the walls.      The walls are crumbled in the places to fit the roots. I placed the models of self-luminous mushrooms as light sources and others details (torn out armature, cobwebs) in the holes to underline it. In that way I could get interesting, well detailed and plausible location.