Level Cursed 02 METRO 2033

     This level features an abandoned cursed Turgenevskaya station.  Despite the fact that it was considered uninhabited there are some people left there trying to survive in harsh conditions.  In the course of this level creation I had to complete the following tasks.  
1. To create a station that used to be habitable and crumbled after monsters’ attack.
 2. Nevertheless, in certain parts of station people managed to shelter themselves from the monsters and are trying to build their homes. 
 3. Parts of connection tunnels have to be destroyed.
 4. There should be a passage from Turgenevskaya station to the adjacent destroyed one, where the monsters live.
 5. To think up an interesting way out of level..

     I have decided to separate an escalator zone (elevator to the top) as a possible place, where people could hide from the monsters and built new homes.This choice is quite logical – the escalator zone is above the station, it is closed with walls and monsters aggression is possible only from one direction – station’s entry. At the bottom of escalator I made a line of defence, behind which people could position themselves. It reminds a bit of medieval buildings, but looks quite reasonable. Metal stakes driven into between the escalator stairs are braided with wire for greater strength. 

     All possible buildings of this station I made in the form of connected cables constructions.  This is a multitiered system of interconnected cables that are suspended to the ceiling. Since there are a lot of cables in subway tunnels, people can use them to create the houses frames.

     While creating the destroyed tunnel’s zone, I was trying to highlight the details. Thus, in the fault zone, we see fragments of tunnels  metal frame (which are used in the real subway), a layer of reinforcing structure, layer of station entry’s cement walls  and marble facing work slabs located over them. Marble slabs have many fractures. There are heaps of rubbish and facing work slabs’ fragments on the floor. At the end of the tunnel I placed the stiffened streams of mud and clay (looks like stalactites and stalagmites in caves). The rear light allowed me to mark out their dark shadowgraph with lightened side surfaces. 

     As a final level zone – which is way out, I offered to create a location similar to secret church. Such a location would have been interesting, unusual and would be able to show the tragic life of survivors in their new world - an underground subway. It was their place of hope and faith.

     I decided to arrange it as a vertical tunnel section with metal frame indicative elements. This could be a station technical room. People could make a specific altar of cables. At the foot of the altar I located small icing lamps with dead peoples’ photos, those who used to live on this station. Altar’s lighting is blue background and local sources with warm light spectrum. In addition, there are old linens with canonical topics hanging on the cables, which people managed to bring here from the ground.

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