D06 Level Metro 2033

     This is one of the key levels of Subway 2033. This is a huge underground banker-shelter with autonomous life supporting systems for military and government. 
     The initial conditions were - the shelter should be in the form of vertical multilevel tunnel with horizontal branches to various functional premises. The main locations for gameplay - platform (point of arrival), D6 complex systems control room, missiles launching command station, reactor hall. Level passing should be performed top down.

Сам уровень, я решил сделать в виде вертикального колодца. Каждый этаж комплекса, представляет собой кольцо, от которого отходят разные помещения (блоки). 

     Given that this shelter was made for many people, who arrive from different points of Moscow, I decided to locate the transport hub at the first floor. From different sides to the complex center monorail ways are coming through. I located six platforms connected with other lifts for passengers alighting.

     There is an air-ventilation chamber with many fans and air-duct tunnels in the top of the complex.

     On the main alignment wall of the tunnel there is a vertical lift. I came up with an original lift design, which represents a bogie that moves on rails, in the form of a spiral.

     An interesting idea was to demonstrate this level in two states: light off and on. In the beginning we can merely guess the shape of this complex and with the light on the player is astonished at the structure’s scale.

     Inside the complex there are rails (narrow-gauge) for trains (like mine trains) to communicate with units and transportation of various cargoes and people.

The entrance in the command center.

     My interest in military themes, as well as existent education (military department at the Institute of Air Defense Forces) allowed me to make this object is interesting and plausible.

The D6 level's scheme. Sectors and portals. 


The D6 level's scheme. Sectors and portals.

Some samples of props models for D6 level.

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