Level Church Metro 2033

This is a small level, which represents a Rangers base in the old abandoned church. 

     Focus on church topics is not accidental. I wanted to show that rangers are also the ordinary people and have faith in a better life. Church here is as an element of their connection with the past. This is the place where they can stay alone with their thoughts, pray and believe in a better life. Church iconostasis is made in a traditional manner as for the Orthodox Church. 

     Also, there are fresco paintings fragments on the walls, which is typical for local churches.  Such accessories as church candlesticks and chandeliers, I've made as a combination of items found in a dead city. For candlesticks it is old car wheels and pieces of metal fittings, and for chandelier - old motorcycle wheels hanged to the ceiling with wires. 

     The church is filled with candlelight. Yellow light makes the atmosphere of this place full of warmth and hope. Textures for iconostasis and church walls were painted by Anatoly Podorvanyi.

using allyou.net