Level Ostankino Tower Metro 2033

     Ostankino Tower is one of the symbols of Moscow and the USSR. It is not surprising that this object was used in a game like Metro 2033 as the last level. Artyom has to rise to the top of the tower and set the laser missile guidance system on its highest point to destroy the city of the dark forces.

     In this level it was necessary to create a destroyed Moscow zone around the tower.Simulation of the tower’s top Dark forces city model.Level lighting is sunrise.

     In 2008 I was in Moscow and was able to visit Otsankino tower. This opportunity was unique, because in 2000 there was a big fire in Ostankino tower, as a result of which it obtained severe damages and was closed for visitors.     However, 4A Gameys managed to negotiate on access to the tower and got the opportunity to photograph the interior and structure’s elements. At this time the reconstruction works were held there and we could see some of the tower premises in the form approximate to the game. I managed to make a lot of interesting photos and this trip was a great source of inspiration that allowed me making this level one of the most memorable in the Metro 2033. 

     Terrain surface is made as follows. For the nearest zone (radius of 200 meters from the tower), I made ​​a more detailed model and used for it the 9 textures. This allowed me to get a detailed terrain image, when we are at the top of the tower looking down. For the far distance shot, I used 4 textures. For the textures I used photos of aerial surveys of land in winter. Images fragments of snow-covered hills, fields, cities streets in winter, frozen channels of rivers and lakes look natural and logical as for the surface of destroyed Moscow.

 I combined all these fragments taking into account the real map of Moscow (you can see the main street on the textures). 

     Due to the fact that the Metro 2033 engine has a limitation on the maximum level size (it is a square of 1500 x1500 meters), I decided to make a zone of destroyed buildings in Moscow and tower’s bottom in a smaller scale. The upper part of the tower, where the player moves, is made ​​in the real scale. 

     While creating a destroyed city model, I tried to reproduce the location of the main streets and avenues in this zone, as well as the original buildings (monorail, TV center, Cosmos hotel). To correspond the engine’s limit the standard houses blocks were created for the city (4 variants), which were allocated at the surface with approximate compliance to the dwelling houses on the map of Moscow as props.      

For the far distance shot, I used the original plain rings from the alpha textures of destroyed buildings. This allowed me to create the effect of a player looking at the huge metropolis. 

     In the uppermost part, I have tried to show the state of frozen metal and concrete. A lot of icicles, iced cables in conjunction with cool lighting coming from the top created a depressing atmosphere of the cold for the player.

I tried to reproduce the Tower’s internal construction the same as I saw it in real life. The main technical premises and corridors are reached in the model.

     Tower’s internal part separation from the outer shell and city zone, as well as using the multiple portals allowed solving the problem with the limit of visible surfaces, light sources and shadows in the frame.

     While tower simulation, I tried to keep a balance between using the repeated construction elements both of instances and original fractured parts. This allowed me to get interesting and plausible model of destroyed tower and fit the limit on the level size.

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