Personal iOS project that I created along with my friend and colleague at GSC Game World Sergei Kryzhanovskiy (programming, engine). This children’s game is about underwater world for iPad 2. This game is fundamentally different from anything I had done before. 
     I wanted to create a colourful platformer game. Underwater world topic was suitable for implementation of our ideas and fantasies. Sergei Kryzhanovskiy made an engine, where the PC and iOS versions were possible to create. I wanted to use shaded cartoons for characters and key gameplay objects. Due to cartoon shader at the environment background and ordinary bump combination, created by Sergei, I managed to obtain an interesting picture and convey the atmosphere of the underwater world.  

    We used such post effects in the game as DOF, Blum. Level lighting was created as a global light source simulating the sunlight with shadows. Besides, to emphasize the silhouette of the characters the directed spot (Rear light) was used. To lighten the local parts of the level and create the colour accent the point omni were used.

     We supposed to create a game as a single player with 18 levels. Before starting content creation, I made an approximate colour scheme for each environment and level in particular. I wanted to implement 4 major maritime topics and 5th final part.

    To create a demo version, we selected several levels from the first and second parts. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and resources we have suspended game development in the proposed form. We have limited ourselves to the creation of the first chapter of the game for iPad 2.

     During version adaptation in accordance with iOS we had to give up many of the ideas that have been implemented with PC and Xbox versions and simplify the content. 
     To keep the FPS at an acceptable level we rejected the shadows, bump, cartoon shaders and fog. Nevertheless, the remaining opportunities allowed obtaining an unusual picture and create a unique atmosphere of the underwater world.

     This was our first experience in creating the game for iOS. Of course, during game development we made some mistakes. In general, our AQUAMARINE HD project has been well received by players.

     There are some models' samples that have been used to create the levels for AQUAMARINE HD.