Heroes of AE

     "Heroes of Annihilated Empires" is a RTS strategy with RPG elements, where I worked as a leading artist. My tasks included prior production, project art direction, artists and animators team management. Projects main idea is a history of conflict between 4 dominant nations in the world of fantasy. Every nation has its heroes.

     Before starting on a project I was asked to develop an art style, in which it could be possible to implement the game based on our experience in creating Cossacks and American Conquest RTS projects.

     I created the first models of buildings and undeads world elements (one of the nations), several types of units, and possible types of magic and created a movie in After Effects. 
It was some kind of imitation game, the demonstration of how the game might look like. Also using the obtained material I created a few posters that determined the topics and stylistic of art content for the project. The resulting material was a reference point to work on Heroes.

The poster for game "Heroes of Annihilaited Empires"
Nation Udead.

     There are nations of Undeads, Druids, Cold Magicians and Mechanics in the game. I wanted each nation to be expressed with its local colour determining the range, where both buildings and units will be created.

Undead nation.

For the Druids it was a rich green colour, for Undeads – the night of dark blue, Ices - white snow and blue ice, for Mechanics - brown and yellow hues of the desert.

Ice nation

    Depending on what nation controls the territory the shades of the ground were changing to the color scheme of the territory holder. 

Druids nation

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