Cossacks: European Wars – the first GSC Game World project developed in 2001. This is a historical RTS on the history of 16 countries in the European part of the continent from 16th to 18th century. 
     I am glad to be afforded an opportunity to work on such interesting project with such talented people. That was a time when games were created by small teams. In the early project development stage the team consisted of four people - Sergey Grigorovich - Project Manager, Andrew Shpagin - programmer, Andrew Zavalokin – consultant on History and me as a chief designer. We had no experience in developing projects of such volume and level. However, after 3 months of work we developed a demo version of the Cossacks, which was represented at the Malian exhibition in Cannes.  For journalists it was one of the most interesting exhibition’s news. No one could believe that a small team from Ukraine was able to make a demo version project of such level. Journalists were talking about our game as of AAA category project. Later, my brother Andrei Zenin joined me in the process of creating the art content. Together we performed all the work on creating the graphic content, which included stylistics for each of 16 nations, buildings, unit model ships and animations for them, special effects, interface, game cards, intros, game logo, posters and boxes. As a result of growing game popularity we have created 2 more add-ons to the game.

    In due course time the Cossacks became one of the most popular games in the world and were in the list of best-selling games on PC to the present time. The game received many awards, was recognized by print media.

     American Conquest was a consecutive RTS project of GSC Game World - the American continent and colonial wars history. In this project I focused on the units modelling and creating animations for them. Also, I created the intro.